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4 Impressive Skills Featured In Speed Painter Shows

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A speed painting show provides a live entertainment function that includes multiple paintings and impressive artistic skills from a trained painter. As you consider speed painter entertainment options for your next event, learn about four skills showcased within the shows. Each skill is only done through rigorous training and helps make the event feel like a big spectacle.

1. Rotating Canvas

Many painters keep a canvas on a stable structure to focus and ensure the paint is applied with accuracy. During a speed painting show, a lot of the conventional wisdom is thrown out of the window. One of the more impressive parts is seeing the painter rotate the canvas.

A speed painter may paint upside down, spin the canvas while applying paint, and come at the project at different angles. Part of the excitement is guessing the next painting subject and seeing the full reveal once the artist positions the canvas upright.

2. Multi-Tasking

A speed painter doesn't just focus on the art. A painter will keep an audience engaged through more than just the visuals. A headset connected to the venue's sound system allows the artist to interact with the audience, tell jokes, and share their part of the process.

The entertainment access ensures that the audience pays attention even when the active painting process has stopped.

3. The Beat of the Music

Not only does a speed painter multi-task, but many times their movements and paint strokes will go to the beat of the music. In all, attendees feel like they are at an art show, comedy show, and stage production all at the same time. The songs selected are typically upbeat and fun tracks that give the audience a lot to cheer along and sing along to.

In some cases, you can request certain genres of music to go along with the speed painting, but often the painter has specific tracks they use to go through the painting process.

4. The Number of Paintings

A speed painting show doesn't just include a single painting and then the artist leaves. An event will include several paintings. You may select from multiple package deals with a lot of paintings included. No matter what the painting content is, the sheer amount is impressive to see as a speed painter moves on from painting to painting with ease.

When you break down all the effort and skills that go into a speed painter, you can appreciate the process more and become enthralled with the performance.

Reach out to a speed painter in your area to learn more.