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4 Tips For Planning A Little Girl's Princess Themed Birthday Party

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Most little girls love fairy tales and princesses, so it is not surprising that princess themed birthday parties are very popular. As a parent, you're sure to want to make your daughter's birthday party as special as possible, and there are many ways to create an unforgettable princess themed party. Use the following tips to help you plan your daughter's princess birthday party.

Dress the Part

A great way to set the mood at your daughter's party is by having her and all of her guests dress up as their favorite princess. You may opt to request that guests come dressed as a princess, or consider providing princess costumes for guests to put on after they arrive. Make sure that everyone has a sparkly tiara to wear during the party so each little girl truly feels like a princess.

Decorate with Flair

When it comes to a princess themed party, pink and purple are very popular color choices for decorations. You may also want to incorporate your daughter's favorite color into the decorating theme. Colored tulle can be used as a table cloth and can also be strung across the walls for a whimsical touch. Head to your local party store and look for cute princess themed cups, plates, napkins, and a lot of balloons. At a princess party, the more decorations the better!

Hire Entertainers

No princess party is complete without real live princesses. Your daughter and her guests will be amazed when beautiful princesses arrive at the party to entertain them. Call a few entertainment companies in your area to learn more about hiring a princess for a few hours during your daughter's party. Quality entertainment companies have princess impersonators who wear beautiful costumes and are well versed in providing excellent party entertainment for little girls who love princesses. Make sure you take lots of pictures of the little girls interacting with the princesses—it is something that they are sure to want to remember.

Princess Themed Activities

A craft project can be very fun to include at a princess themed party. Buy supplies for your daughter and her guests to use to create princess wands, create princess paper dolls, or use metallic pipe cleaners to make bracelets that the guests can take home. If you would like to play a game, consider pin the princess on the castle or play music from princess themed movies and tell the girls that they have to freeze when the music stops—whoever doesn't freeze is out, and the last person standing is the winner.